UN Freedom Caravans for Iran (September 23 & 24, 2009)

UN Freedom Caravans for Iran

The Caravans for Peace and Freedom in Iran will gather at the United Nations on September 23-24 to support the Iranian people’s demand for democracy and human rights and to protest the presence of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations.

Our compatriots in Iran are demanding freedom, democracy and human rights in a polity that reflects the will and guards the dignity of the Iranian people.   They have paid the ultimate price for freedom and human rights.  The loss of sons and daughters such as Neda, Sohrab, Taraneh, Parisa, Alireza and Kianoush in the recent protests is etched in every Iranian’s heart.   Their sacrifice will not be in vain.  These great spirits’ willingness to die rather than submit before fraud and force has reminded the world of the dignity and courage of the Iranian people.

Despite the grave breaches of human and civil rights, Iranians remain resolute in their commitment to freedom and human rights.  As with the peaceful mass demonstrations on 25th Khordad 1388 (15th June 2009) when millions throughout Iran protested against election fraud, we will continue to find creative and nonviolent ways to organize and protest to defend the dignity of the Iranian people.

Whether in gatherings of millions or hundreds, those of us who seek democracy and justice will continue to welcome and respect the views of fellow Iranians.  We have every confidence that, no matter what the diversity of views, Iranians everywhere will remain united by their common dream for democracy, freedom and human rights for all.

Inspired by the struggle, courage and determination of our compatriots inside Iran , Iranians around the world are united in our commitment to honor and heed the uprising of our brothers and sisters inside Iran . We see the promise of a new day dawning in Iran.

Having endured years of exile and separation from our motherland for rejecting and resisting tyranny and corruption of the Islamic Republic, we draw upon our national and global consciousness to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people in their nonviolent pursuit of freedom and human rights.

We, the signatories of this statement, declare our solidarity and support for the Iranian people in their struggle for democracy and human rights and voice our opposition to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s expected presence at the United Nations annual gathering.   To this end, our caravans will gather in New York City on September 23 and 24 to witness and affirm our solidarity with our fellow compatriots before the world body.  In as much as human rights are a matter of global necessity, we ask all world citizens who believe in and seek freedom for themselves and others to join us in our just cause.  Together we will demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and call on the United Nations to establish a special rapporteur to investigate widespread human rights abuses in Iran.

In keeping with the spirit of democracy and global consciousness, we hope that Iranians and non-Iranians from around the world will lend this gathering their support.

In the hope of meeting each other in the colorful caravans of peace and freedom for Iran gathering in New York City.

New Signatories added to the list below since the last update are:

Armand Biglari (Texas)

Elahé Chokraie (Canada)

Mehran Divanbaigyzand (Washington DC)

Mohammad Djafari (England)

Parvin Harooni (California)

Maryam Hosseini (Utah)
Mahmoud Hosseini (Utah)

Ahmad Machouf (Canada)

Kamelia Manouchehri (Utah)
Parisa Marashi (California)

Akbar Moarefy (  )

Hamid Mostafavi (Minnesota)

All Signatories:

  1. Delnaz Abadi (California)
  2. Mohammad Abtahi (New Jersey)
  3. Janet Afary (California)
  4. Mona Afary (California)
  5. Mahasti Afshar (California)
  6. Nazanin Afshin Jam (Canada)
  7. Nahid Ahkami (New Jersey)
  8. Hamid Akbari (Illinois)
  9. Homaira Akbari (Washington DC)
  10. Simin Akbari (Ohio)
  11. Kazem Alamdari (California)
  12. Nasrin Almasi (Canada)
  13. Fariba Amini (Delaware)
  14. Mehdi Aminzadeh (California)
  15. Fereidoun Amir-Ebrahimi (England)
  16. Jamshid Anvar (Switzerland)
  17. Firouz Ardabili (California)
  18. Shahrzad Arshadi (Canada)
  19. Helen Asad (Canada)
  20. Fereidoon Ashena (California)
  21. Shabnam Assadollahi  (Canada)
  22. Fariba Attar (California)
  23. Mana Barari (New York)
  24. Morteza Barjesteh (California)
  25. Stan Bennett (New York)
  26. Armand Biglari (Texas)
  27. Babak Bina (California)
  28. Bahar Roxanna Bina  (California)
  29. Cyrus Bina (Minnesota)
  30. Ali Bokai (Germany)
  31. Haidargholi Boroomand (California)
  32. Pamela Chanitz (Florida)
  33. Elahe Chokraie (Canada)
  34. Mehri Dadgar (California)
  35. Reza Deghati (France)
  36. Mehran Divanbaigyzand (Washington DC)
  37. Mohammad Djafari (England)
  38. Homayoun Emadipour (Georgia)
  39. Kim Fanning (Massachusetts)
  40. Farhang Farahi (California)
  41. Reza Fard (California)
  42. Nehzat Farnoodi (California)
  43. Manouchehr Fazel (Germany)
  44. Mitra Forozesh Behnam (California)
  45. Parastou Forouhar (Germany)
  46. Faramarz Forouzandeh (California)
  47. Firuzeh Fouladi (Maryland)
  48. Iraj Ghahramanlou (Florida)
  49. Manuchehr Ghanbari (California)
  50. Shohreh Ghasemi (New York)
  51. Ramin Ghashghaei (California)
  52. Ezzat Ghoushegir (Illinois)
  53. Parivash Glazer (New York)
  54. Parviz Gelichkhani (France)
  55. Farzad Hamidi (California)
  56. Parvin Harooni (California)
  57. Nader Hashemi (Colorado)
  58. Binesh Hassanpour (England)
  59. Baharak Hebbi (Canada)
  60. Mahmoud Hosseini (Utah)
  61. Maryam Hosseini (Utah)
  62. Mehdi Hoveizi (Canada)
  63. Hossien Jafari (California)
  64. Nader Jahanfard (California)
  65. Zahra Joudi (New York)
  66. Iraj Javid (New Jersey)
  67. Darius Kadivar (France)
  68. Hossein Kazemi (Sweden)
  69. Pantea Kazemi (California)
  70. Sorrena Kazemi (Sweden)
  71. Stephan Kazemi (Canada)
  72. Masoud Kazemzadeh (Texas)
  73. Kyi May Kaung (Washington DC)
  74. Amir J. Keshavarz (Florida)
  75. Lucy Keshavarz (Florida)
  76. Maziar Keshavarz (Florida)
  77. Bahareh Keshavarz-Wolfs (Florida)
  78. Delaram Khaled (Arizona)
  79. Afsaneh Khalili (California)
  80. Bahram Khalili (California)
  81. Omid Khalili (California)
  82. Hassan Khayatbashi (California)
  83. Faramarz Khodayari (California)
  84. Mahvash Khorrami (Sweden)
  85. Azar Khounani (Illinois)
  86. Comy Kohanloo (Massachusetts)
  87. Aredshir Lotfalian (Maryland)
  88. Ahmad Machouf (Canada)
  89. Shahnaz Mahajer (United Kingdom)
  90. Kamelia Manouchehri (Utah)
  91. Manij Marashi (Illinois)
  92. Parisa Marashi (California)
  93. Hassan Massali (Maryland)
  94. Ario Mashayekhi (Illinois)
  95. Mehrdad Mashayekhi (Washington D.C.)
  96. Pooran Mehdizadeh (California)
  97. Roya Mehrnoosh (Illinois)
  98. Akbar Moarefy
  99. Arash Mohajerinejad (England)
  100. Reza Mohajerinejad (California)
  101. Naser Moheb (New Jersey)
  102. Marjan Moosavi (Virginia)
  103. Hamid Mostafavi (Minnesota)
  104. Asad Moznabi (Canada)
  105. Amir Normandi (Illinois)
  106. Mina Mortezai (California)
  107. Shirindokht Nourmanesh (California)
  108. Azita Mohajer-Soltani (Germany)
  109. Bijan Mehr (Massachusetts)
  110. Akbar Moarefi (California)
  111. Fereshteh Molavi (Canada)
  112. Bahram Moshiri (California)
  113. Azar Nafisi (Maryland)
  114. Hossein Namdar (California)
  115. Ali Nasiri (California)
  116. Shiva Nojo (Germany)
  117. Azita Omrani (California)
  118. Houshang Pakpour (California)
  119. Misagh Parsa (New Hampshire)
  120. Shahrnoush Parsipour (California)
  121. Naser Pol (California)
  122. Nosratollah Pourfathi (California)
  123. Leila Radan (California)
  124. Nasrin Rahimieh (California)
  125. Farideh Razavi (Germany)
  126. Amir Raiisi (California)
  127. Fazi Riahi (Illinois)
  128. Maryam Riahi (Illinois)
  129. Sandra Robinson (Illinois)
  130. Shadee  Rios (Florida)
  131. Susan Sarram Rios (Florida)
  132. Fazlollah Rowhani (California)
  133. Mansooreh Saboori (Massachusetts)
  134. Sanam Salihian (California)
  135. Kianoush Sanjari (Washington DC)
  136. Parviz Sayyad (California)
  137. Kourosh Sehati (Washington DC)
  138. Khosrow Semnani (Utah)
  139. Masood Sepand (California)
  140. Behnaz Shahriari (Illinois)
  141. Behrouz Shahriari (Illinois)
  142. Anahita Sharokhi (Indiana)
  143. Sharareh Shohrokhi (California)
  144. Parviz Shokat (California)
  145. Abbas Shokri (Norway)
  146. Vida Soliemani  (California)
  147. Amir Soltani (Utah)
  148. Zachary Stickney (Utah)
  149. Simin Tabatabai (California)
  150. Iraj Tabibnia (California)
  151. Mahnaz Tabibnia (California)
  152. Mahvash Tabibnia (California)
  153. Shirin Tabibzadeh (California)
  154. John Tiffany (Florida)
  155. Nayereh Tohidi (California)
  156. Joella Trull (Florida)
  157. Reiner Wolfs (Florida)
  158. Touraj Zaim (California)
  159. Mohammad Zamani (New Jersey)
  160. Monir Zand (California)
  161. Hamid Zangeneh (Pennsylvania)
  162. Hassan Zarezadeh (Washington DC)
  163. Hasan Zerehi (Canada)
  164. Sahar Sima Zerehi (Canada)
  165. Mehdi Zolfaghari (California)

To include your name as a signatory, please contact one of the signatories or write to one of the

E-mails listed below:








3 Responses to “UN Freedom Caravans for Iran (September 23 & 24, 2009)”

  1. Eva Salim (Illinois)) Says:

    I support for the Iranian people in their struggle for democracy and human rights and voice our opposition to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s expected presence at the United Nations annual gathering.

  2. Morteza Nadjafi Says:

    I suppot the rights of Iranian people for a free and democratic election.
    Restoration of women’s rights and freedom of assembly for all people.

  3. donna Says:

    I support the inherent right of the Iranians for a free Iran and their aspirations for a flourishing and progress of the Iranian culture. Good luck with your efforts

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